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Singles Secret Language

August 7, 2012

There’s chatting everyday. I ask him about a friend Liz is interested in. He says she should call him. I say, she can’t, she has to be the mouse. He says it’s 2012, no more coy, girly stuff. I say bullshit, you know we can’t do that. Don’t get me started on dating language and the mysterious language of men. He says he’s different. I say sure. Then he posts a link. He points me to a particular point in the song, three minutes in, he says. I listen to it. Three minutes in it’s about a guy who has a crush on a girl and he wants to tell her but he can’t. What the fuck am I supposed to think about that? Innocent sharing of a song he likes? Message to me? WTF? Why can’t we all just say what the hell we mean all the time? We’re all just gonna get hurt one way or another anyway. Just say it, you like me. You want to get to know me. You want to kiss me and spend time with me. If not, stop sending me these signals. Stop playing with me, dammit!

There, I feel better.


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