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Tell Me Something Good

August 7, 2012

Tell me something good, he texted at the end of the day.

Last Friday night when I had your sweet attention for one glorious evening, you picked me up by the waist, on a whim….I was just standing next to you…..the band had finished……they packed up their instruments…it was just the stragglers…talking and laughing……you had just kissed me, sweet and soft….you were talking to someone else as I stood next to you… flowy skirt and white blouse……you turned to me, unexpected and put your hands strongly on my waist and lifted me up and set me down on the bench with authority and skill and grace…….it was one of the sexist things I’ve ever experienced. I knew you would have me then.

People float in and out of our lives….and give you gifts. Syrian doctor gave me gifts. He taught me that I am beautiful and young and smart and attractive. Tennis Bashir gave me gifts….he couldn’t stop thinking about me, he said……he couldn’t get his work done…..until he had waited for me, seen me, talked to me.

And you… gave me gifts…..held me in your strong arms, danced with me, made me laugh….still make me laugh almost every day……taught me that I am sexy and desirable. You let me have you for a weekend of enchantment.

You asked me to tell you good things and I can’t tell you this. It’s too dangerous for me. I can’t tell you that you had me under a spell and made me feel like a woman. You are something good. I can’t tell you… are the something good.


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