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November 9, 2012

You said no.

You are a stone.

Rock solid. Impenetrable.

Righteous. Right.

Victim and Martyr.

You pushed us out and asked why we left.

You spit on us and asked why we don’t respect you.

You are swimming in your blindness.

You can’t see the sun.

We choose joy. We choose love. We choose risk.

You chose money. You chose control. You chose blame.

I give up. I gave up.

You shit on me, fine.

You shit on mine, fuck you.

I’m done.

I choose joy. I choose life. I choose the sun.

I don’t have to go far to find it.

It’s all around.

It’s in nature. It’s in people. It’s in work. It’s in knowledge.

It’s in friends. It’s in family. It’s in music. It’s in comedy.

It’s down the street. It’s around the block. It’s in my house.

It’s in my heart.

I can’t change yours. You win.

Keep your cold. Keep your hate. Keep your righteousness.

Keep your money. Keep your control. Keep your distance.

Keep the blame.

I give thanks for the job that doesn’t pay enough.

I give thanks for the crappy 500 square feet.

I give thanks for ramen noodles.

I give thanks for the pictures on my wall.

I give thanks for new friends.

I give thanks for the two-step and the waltz.

I give thanks to Feu Follet and Carbon Poppies.

I give thanks for Pamplona’s and Blue Moon.

I give thanks for Syrian Doctor, Tennis Bashir, Sam, Mr. Mexico and the other ones.

The last year has seen more joy than decades before.


Because I said no to blame.

No to control.

No to hate.

No to pettiness.

No to hate.

I said goodbye.

I say yes to joy.

Yes to love.

Yes to life.

Yes to laughing.

Yes to dancing.

Yes to kissing.

Yes to music.

Yes to walks.

Yes to nature.

Yes to joy.

Today was the last time I will give you permission to make me cry.

I am peace. I am joy.

I choose what’s in my heart.

I am not stone.

I am water and air.

I flow and change.

I grow and move.

I am weak and I am strong.

I hurt. I cry. Then I learn and change.

I am open.

I say yes.


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