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A Good Day

November 10, 2012

Last night I went to the Blue Moon. Mild evening. Dancing. Laughing. Meeting new people.

Got up early this morning to go downtown and cheer on Liz and another friend who came across the finish line of the 10K Cajun Cup.

Liz was in a silly mood, being very goofy and pumped after her run. I was telling her little stories (building mini-dioramas) about the previous night. One of the regulars talked to me more than usual, not flirting exactly. Turns out, guess what, he’s first generation American. He’s parents are from Ghana. Liz and I were laughing at this, given my propensity for foreign men. “I’m surprised we’re you’re even friends with me,” she joked. “Oh, it’s because you don’t want to have sex with me.”

We went to the local coffee shop and I pointed to the beautiful, young Indian girl working there and said, “Yeah, that would be my type.” We had coffee and laughed and went our separate ways.

I printed out the novel my daughter has been writing and went to park and read it while I walked 5 miles. It was amazing.

As a mother there’s nothing more gratifying than bearing witness to the realizations of your children’s talents. Every time I see her artwork or read her writing I feel like my life is worthwhile.

When I finished the story, I put on music and finished the walk. By the end, I was so pumped and happy that I couldn’t help myself, I started dancing right there in the path. I didn’t see anyone around.

As I got to my bike still dancing, this man waved at me. I paused the music and he asked, “What was that music you were dancing to?” I laughed and told him. It was like he had said, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

A good day so far.

And it isn’t over. Liz and I are getting dressed up and going to see Cabaret tonight. It’s a good day to be alive.

This is the song I was dancing to:


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