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He’s Going to Marry Her

November 23, 2012

“I saw Daddy today,” my son said to me. “I saw his girlfriend.”

“Oh yeah? How was that?” I asked.

“She’s working for him. She was at the front desk.”

“OOOOKKKKaaaayyyy,” I replied.

“She asked me when I was moving out. She said, ‘If you need anything, just let us know. Do you need a sofa? Do you need a microwave? We can buy one for you.’ I thought to myself, ‘Bitch, I don’t know you!'” Shawn, my son, said.

“We,” I thought to myself. “We can buy him a microwave? Wow.”

She’s working there. He’s paying her a salary. She’s driving the car I wasn’t allowed to get sand in. His precious baby. And she’s trashing it according to Shawn. He’s supporting her. She has a daughter. I had a daughter when we met. He’s found another woman to rescue, to take care of. She’s found her salvation, like he was my salvation when I was 18.

He’s going to marry her. I predict it here and now. Within one year he’s going to marry her.

I left a big, round hole when I left and he found the first square peg he could find and shoved in the whole where the emptiness was. If you’re keeping score, this is Orange Tranny we’re talking about.

This offer to help Shawn comes on the heels of my ex-husband’s refusal to help Shawn by co-signing a lease for an apartment. It comes just a week after he told me that he was tired of being seen as just a source of money by Shawn. That he wasn’t convinced that Shawn was really doing all he needed to. That he didn’t think he was responsible enough to have his own apartment. That he was cutting off his support for him and he would have to pay his own phone and insurance now.

But don’t worry, the girlfriend is willing to offer “their” help if he needs a microwave! What the Fuck?!

I ended up signing the lease which is what I should’ve done from the beginning. Given my fianancial situation, I didn’t think they’d let me. I remember driving over to the apartment complex the very evening that my ex told us he wasn’t going to help. Shawn and I were both so angry. But we ended up laughing all the way. Humor is the healing power we use on everything and that night was no different.

I asked Shawn what he thought about these seemingly opposite fronts being presented. His father, with his stern self-righteousness and cold detachment and the girlfriend, working at the front desk, bubbly and offering to spend his money. Shawn replied, “He’s two-faced. He does that. He’s one way in front of others and an asshole in private.” Damn.

Well, her tranniness must not be aware of his real attitude towards his family otherwise she wouldn’t have made such an offer. She’s seeing a different side of him. And maybe with her he really has changed. For their sake, I truly hope so.

Because he’s going to marry her. He’s going to lock down his safety net against loneliness. For her sake, I hope he’s changed. If not, before long she’s going to see the constant criticism, the blame, the ever-increasing expectations, the lack of perspective, the anger, the depression, the overwhelming absence of joy. And maybe one day she’ll look around and realize life is short and she can’t live like that and pack a bag and run away.

Or maybe they’ll live happily ever after. It could happen. I wish them the best.


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