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Are You Guys Reading This Shit? Likes & Follows..What Do They Really Mean?

April 9, 2013

I started this blog to get the thoughts out of my head.

I had just left my husband. I had a lot on my mind and I just needed to write. I didn’t know if or how anyone would find the blog. I didn’t understand how this process worked. So, the first time I got a like I was surprised and flattered. I love external validation. I used to live for A’s on papers. More likes started coming in and after a while I even had some followers.

As I’ve learned more about the wordpress community and how people see my stuff, I’m started to wonder what it all means. My cousin and a couple of friends follow my posts. I know they’re reading them because we talk about them. But, are the rest of you really reading these rants of mine?

Sometimes I get a like within seconds of posting a blog. I know someone who liked my 1,530-word story, 30 seconds after I published it did not actually read it. So why like it?

Every time someone does  like one of my blogs, I go check out their blog, just like the wordpress e-mail prompts me to. “So and So thought Such and Such was pretty awesome. You should go see what they’re up to.” And I do. If I actually like something, I  like it. If I don’t. I don’t.

So, you bloggers out there, are you liking random posts just so other bloggers will like yours and it will start a ping-pong wave of pseudo popularity? If so, to what end?

I’ve been impressed with the thoughtfulness, intelligence and humor of some of my fellow bloggers. Other likes have me completely puzzled, like a few ultra-christian bloggers (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). One  like was from a blogger who seemed to be dedicated to being a submissive wife. Huh? Are you actually reading this shit? Another responded to a blog about depression by informing me that I simply didn’t have a God-driven purpose in my life. Huh? Are you actually reading what I wrote? Did you not get that it’s a chemical imbalance?

And why don’t I get many comments? Other bloggers have long comment threads. Should I start a conversation going myself?

Help me out here people.  Talk to me. But, please, don’t  like it unless you’ve read it, at least most of it and you really like it.



  1. John Schumacher permalink

    Some of us are just fast readers…

  2. A “ping-pong wave of pseudo popularity” is exactly the phrase I’ve been looking for! I’m relatively new to WordPress, and I’ve started realizing the same thing: that some people must just surf through the reader and like everything they see that even remotely relates to their subject matter.

    Also, I’ve heard that ending a post with questions helps with starting conversations in the comment section. Or you can just write ethically indignant, fascinating posts like this that will get people like me to comment. =)

    Seriously though, I actually LIKED this post, so that’s why I liked it. And commented. Looking forward to hearing more!

  3. Kitten permalink

    Ha. Thanks. Nicholeck. Happy blogging. I will “go see what you are up to” later. lol

  4. Haha I was going to ‘like’ it then just leave 😛 I liked this post because it made me laugh and finally somebody has brought up the questions that I usually ask myself “what does it actually mean? What do they actually think about it?” or is just to make me feel better as I spent most of the month writing that 400-word story. I’m actually browsing on my ‘Reader’ and came across this and I’ve commented and liked about 5 other blogs, partly because I think it’s better to tell people how you feel about their post and have some conversation and partly because when my picture shows up it also shows a link to my blog! 😀 it’s all about helping each other out I think, that’s why I do it. I’m not massively bothered if the person doesn’t comment back on my blog, but how am I meant to know how my writing is by an anonymous ‘like’ by a picture of a flower??

  5. Can’t say my likes are random. I do look for specific subjects to see if they add anything to the topic. If they do, I like them.

  6. It is pretty funny sometimes to see the “likes” pop up too quickly. But then again, I’m guilty of liking things before I read them at times (note: I DO still read them:)). Sometimes, I am so enamored of an image or a title or the first few sentenced, that I feel the urge to “like” before I even get to the end. Perhaps I should reign in my “liking” spontaneity!

    • Generally, it doesn’t take much to get the gist of an entry. You can read something pretty quickly. I think the for ever 50 or people who read a blog, only 1 or so may comment. But that’s an optimistic figure. 🙂

  7. Haha this proves I actually entered, although a short message don’t mean I read it. But I did. 😉

  8. Kitten permalink

    Thanks everybody for the comments. Enlightening indeed. Happy blogging.

  9. Rose permalink

    I don’t “like” without reading. Sometimes I “like” when I just like something a little or sometimes a lot. if I think someone could use some encouragement or atta girl/boy, then I’ll comment but it’s otherwise rare. I do “like” your blog and your adventures, and I do know what you mean on this post.

  10. Kitten permalink

    Thank you Rose. Somehow I know you’re reading and your support means a lot to me.

  11. Heya! This is God, the dude from whom your purpose should be derived. Just popping in to hit like on your post without reading anything. Cheers, my child.

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