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June 27, 2013

I was feeling insufferably happy when I grabbed my phone and a credit card in case I needed it and biked to my apartment for lunch.

I locked my bike and reached in my pocket. Son-of-a-Bitch! Blinded with bliss, I left my keys at work. Glad I brought the credit card.

I biked to Pamplona’s and ordered the special. Two women were at the bar, having lunch. One of them was on the phone, loudly.

The owner, who’s there every day at lunch asked the manager about his recent wedding.

The two women were angry. One of them wore her unhappiness in her haircut. The other had it draped over her as a scarf. It was 90 degrees at noon today.

“When did you get married?” Haircut asked. “May 14.”

“I got married on May 14 once,” she replied.

I laughed.

Haircut continued with a series of angry phone calls, loudly, at the bar. “Hi. Mom. I’m having lunch at a restaurant. Yeah. It’s OK. They gave me two years. I have two more years. Yeah. I’M EATING AT A RESTAURANT! I have two years to pay them. Everything’s OK. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Yeah. I was in the middle of a phone call with my mom when I got your text. Yeah. No, I haven’t called him yet. Yeah. I will. I know! Ok, I’m at a restaurant having lunch.”

Her frustration and embedded hostility guided her behavior and it was matched by her friend’s disdain for that behavior.

I love it when someone rudely tells someone they’re rude. Or loudly shushes someone. Or angrily tells someone else that they’re being negative. It’s fun to watch.

Scarf scolded her friend. “You know if you just kept still and quietly ate your food you might enjoy it more. You would taste it and it wouldn’t give you indigestion,” she aggressively instructed.

Luckily they exited and I had time to enjoy my spinach and gouda in a pastry puff with tomato salad in peace.

I returned to work.

A facebook chat with the other side of the world ensued.

He’s driving me crazy from another continent.

He asked me to send him a “special” photo.

He’s so young.

I sent him a Georgia O’Keeffe flower instead.



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