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What? No More Likes?

January 5, 2015

What’s going on people?

Have I lost my touch. Am I a bad writer now? Not enough drama? No more funny stories about kissing strangers on porches? No more romantic trysts with young Indian graduate students?

Don’t you care anymore?

Don’t you know I feed off the validation that comes from a “like” or a “follow?”

I mean, what do you think I’m doing here?

How am I supposed to maintain the self-indulgent narcissism that attempts to mask my obvious insecurities?

Isn’t anyone reading this shit?

(Yeah, I know you are. And thanks!)

Maybe the blog reader is still reading them. At least I have that. The one person who hates me and thinks I’m a piece of shit. I bet she’s keeping up. Oh God, I’m actually wishing she is. That’s fucked up.

Do I have to pull a Laura Dunham and snort cocaine running down the street topless to have something interesting to write about?

Wasn’t being detained by Israeli Border Control enough?

Ok. Fine. I’m going to keep posting anyway.

Fuck all you guys.

I’m just kidding. I didn’t mean it. Please like me.


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  1. Yes I am reading it. Great post.

  2. Kitten permalink

    I know. It’s all for you williams1961. It’s all for you.

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