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Heart or X ?

January 27, 2015

He popped up on Tinder again. I was doing some Tinder weeding when his face popped up. Lennon Glasses. He had unmatched me when were “seeing each other,” I guess is the phrase. If you can say that about someone you date for 7 days. He said I was in the real world now. He didn’t need me in an app.

So, he popped up on my phone again.

I looked at his weird, pale face with the big round, gold rimmed glasses and tiny little blue eyes and perfectly shaped nose and weird, pursed lips………and gasped.

What should I press? Heart or X?

What if we both pressed heart again and matched. Could  we have a Tinder do-over?

I texted him, telling him he had appeared before me again.

“Ok?” was his reply.

“It’s just weird, I guess,” I wrote.

“Dating sites are weird,” he said.

That’s not what’s weird about this, I thought.

I didn’t reply.

I opened his contact information on my phone. I added “(let it go)” after his first name, a reminder that it’s time to throw in the towel. I’m bordering on pathetic now.

I looked at his photo again.

I pressed the heart button.


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