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The BR Guy Visit

February 4, 2015

OK, So yes, the BR Guy came into town. But let’s back up a little.

The foreign doctoral student. He was #4 in a previous post. We’re going to call him the Persian Guy now. Because he’s Persian.

I can’t remember the timeline but somewhere along the way I gave him the link to the Jerusalem story. God help me I’m going to get something out of that story. Anyway, I wrote down the link on a napkin and put my number on it saying, “Tell me what you think.” Pretty smooth, right?

I had seen Daniel earlier that night at Pamplona. I was losing what far-fetched interest I may have been imagining in my mind in him. He’s not ready. He lacks depth. I don’t know. I just get a meh vibe from him.

Anyway, I as at the the Moon when Persian guy was there and I napkin’ed him. I sat next to him on the side bench. We talked a while. I told him that the Huval Family Band was playing at Artmosphere that Saturday. That was before I invited BR Guy over, I think. I don’t remember. The Huval Family Band did not play that night. Some version of a band with one Huval in it played. They were terrible. It was loud. No one was there. But that’s not important.

So, the BR Guy came in. I was super nervous and hopeful. He walked into Pamplona looking exactly as I imagined him. Cute-ish. Tall. A little thick around the middle. He met Mike and ordered wine. We made small talk then walked a few blocks to get sushi. We sat at the bar. Eye contact was exchanged. A more than mild but less than fireworks connection was made. He was witty and quick. Confident and complimentary. And he seemed to really like me, which is very attractive in a man.

Yeah, I could go there, I decided. I texted Liz as much.

When Mike left for the restroom, he asked me if I was still making up my mind about him. I said yes. “Does this help?” He leaned over and kissed me lightly. I was surprised and impressed, I think, that he showed the confidence to kiss me in front of people. He was a sweet kisser and that brief brushing of lips was the first of many kisses we exchanged as the night went on. Throughout the evening, whether we were alone or in a crowd, he would lean over and kiss me or stop on the sidewalk and pull me closer for a mini-make-out session. It was nice and fun.

We prayed to the Gay Firefighter.

Earlier that day, Persian Guy had informed me that he would be at Artmosphere that very night. Shit. He wanted to know if I would be there.

“My little brother and a friend are in town. We’ll be there. See you there,” I texted. Well this is going to get tricky, I told myself.

When I walked in with BR Guy, Persian Guy was on the porch. I introduced them. I tried to talk to Persian Guy a little but BR Guy definitely craved my attention. I hoped Persian Guy didn’t see me kissing BR Guy.

BR Guy and I watched the bartender poor cheap Chardonnay into our glasses without the promised decanting I had told him about. Artmosphere decants their Barefoot white wine in mini-caraffes before pouring it immediately into your wine glass. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. But they didn’t do it this time.

At the sushi restaurant I had asked BR Guy to order, assuming a plate of rolls would appear for us to share. Instead we shared one small roll and about 5 pieces of fish. My wine consumption had began at 7pm. So by the time I walked BR Guy over to the Blue Moon to check it out, I was pretty lit.

By 1am, Mike and the gang had gone home, Mike to my apartment and I walked BR Guy to his car and he drove me home. We kissed in his car before he drove back to BR. I went upstairs and soaked in the tub for a while, wondering why I had allowed such an imbalance of alcohol and food to occur.

Liz, Amy and my nephew had joined Mike and I after dinner at Pamplona. The group alternated between group discussions, analysis by them while BR Guy and I talked rather privately and a small tete a tete between Amy and BR Guy while I listened as Liz told her Football-Player-On-the-Flight story. She didn’t talk to BR too much. He said he liked my friends. Mike decided he wasn’t hot enough for me.

The next day I still felt good. I felt like it was something. Or it could be something. I liked him. I could like him. He liked me. He complimented me a lot. Maybe too much.

Maybe I would go to BR and see him. Maybe I could have a relationship and he could fly me to New York to try the Japanese street food in the hole in the wall that he talked about. Maybe.



But then…..Persian Guy started talking to me more. Since Saturday I’ve talked to him a lot. He’s really cute. I’m beginning to like him. He’s funny and smart and he messes with me.

And he asked me out. He wasn’t vague or wishy washy. I had apologized for not being able to talk at Artmosphere and offered to catch up on Wednesday at the Moon.

“I have a proposal for you,” he texted. “Why don’t we meet somewhere else so we can talk.”

I was so happy. I suggested Pamplona, of course.

We’re meeting there tonight. I can’t wait to see him and talk to him.

I don’t know what to do about BR Guy, or if I should do anything yet. I feel like I’m treading ethical grey areas. Like maybe I’m not doing unto others as I would want done unto me.

Then again, I am a free woman. I only went on one date with BR Guy. Do I owe him any more information? I don’t know.

I guess I’ll see how tonight goes. If this guy is a real possibility, I won’t want to be with anyone else while I give it a go.

I really like him.

He could be my Mr. Moon.



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