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I’m Ok.

October 14, 2015

I’m Ok. I’m totally over it. I mean there was nothing really to get over. I’m not listening to the mixed tapes you made for me. I don’t think about you when one of those songs pops up in my ear buds. The one you loved and I downloaded because I loved it too. I don’t think of you at all when the solar-powered hand on the Japanese wavy cat squeaks from my windowsill. I’m sure I’ll unfriend you any day now. I mean, what do I care what you’re doing? I’m not going to comment on your observances of the democratic debate. That’s pathetic. Even though I know you’re probably watching it alone. And I’m watching it alone. It didn’t occur to me even once that we could be watching it together. I have no regrets. I totally understand why we’re not together right now. Why should we be? Sure, we were extraordinarily compatible. And yes, our bodies did fit perfectly together. And no, it’s highly unlikely that we will find the same combination of traits in another person. But don’t worry, connections like the one we felt happen all the time. They’re going to happen again for both us. Soon, I’m sure. Just because we have the same values and political views, just because we liked the same adult swim cartoons and you were excited at the idea of taking me to an IKEA because I’ve never been to one…..none of that means anything. I’m sure my next tinder match will be exactly the same. It’s good that we didn’t waste each other’s time. I didn’t want to go see the new Star Wars movie with you. And that link I shared…..the one about the exhibit of Hemingway’s notes in New York… never crossed my mind that we could have flown to New York together just to see it. I’m not interested in doing stuff like that. I don’t think about you. I don’t want to see you again. I know you think this blog is about you, but it’s not. Because I’m ok. I’m totally over you.


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