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Not Writing

January 11, 2016

I’m not writing.

I went to Portland for Christmas. I wrote copious notes each day in my little notebook. I was supposed to write long, funny stories from those scribblings. But I didn’t.

It was cold and rainy. I did not fall in love with Portland. I saw snow on Mt. Hood. I bonded with my grand son. I enjoyed my son-in-law’s taste in music. I played with dolls with a little girl at a breakfast counter. I met my future self sitting at a bar in a little neighborhood restaurant. She was reading a book with a book light, drinking red wine and making snide comments about the clientele to the bartender, who obviously knew her quite well.

I saw the coast and fell in love with rocks and cliffs. I perused through Powell’s, which is more like a natural history museum than a bookstore. I baked cookies and folded paper cranes. I acclimated to my daughter again after 3 years away from her. I saw Star Wars. I dropped my phone and had it repaired for too much money. I missed my flight and doubled the cost of my trip. I had a Tinder date with a guy who showed up in flip flops.

I came home and discovered I had missed the Iraqi and the next day he left to go to Iraq. I made more prints for my photography exhibit. I installed the exhibit. Liz helped. Liz worked miracles. “Liz: Making Marie less ridiculous since 2011,” I proclaimed on facebook.

The exhibit was a success. Lots of people showed up. The Indian Association saw it as their own success. My brothers and son were there. It was a good day for me. A minor highlight of success.

I started talking to a Jordanian from OK Cupid. And told him I was “seeing someone” before I met him in person. He drove around with me Sunday looking for places to rent. I don’t know what I’m doing with him. It feels like I’m playing with him for attention and company.

I told my boss I need to make an exact amount of money. My rent is going up. I’m in an unsustainable situation. I have to make more money, find another cheap place to live, get another job, refinance some debt or some variation of those things. And I’m scared.

And I’m not writing.



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