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Renaissance Man (Part 2)

August 6, 2016

His offer to meet wasn’t materializing into actual plans, so I decided to take a leap and offered to drive there Sunday morning for coffee before the afternoon reunions took place. He eagerly agreed and I found a place to meet after a facebook inquiry.

I was late getting out of the door. When I was about 20 minutes out he called to ask me what I wanted to drink. I asked for black tea. The place was easy to find, just off I-10. I arrived to find him sitting outside. Like Mr. Houston before, it was like I knew him already. Like meeting a friend. I gave him a hug and sat down. When the summer sun quickly found his face, he suggested we move off the porch to a set of tables on a bed of gravel, covered by a tree. I sat with my back to the enclosed wooden fence and he sat with his back to the café. It was a comfortable space with the sun flirting in and out and birds scavenging for scraps here and there. He talked a lot, later claiming he was nervous. The chemistry wasn’t palpable but it was there. He spoke of his many ventures and places he’s been. He talked about his foray into the south and being immersed in family, a new thing for him. He told me why he liked me. I tried to soak in the flattery. We joked about coming up with a series of dating profile improvement seminars. I told him my silly ideas and he laughed.

An hour of so in, he suddenly moved positions so that his back wasn’t towards the entrance. I laughed at this. It was something I would’ve done. “Why do you think I sat here?” I told him. I adjusted my chair to face him.

At one point he strategically reached out and touched my hand. I just smiled.

In the middle of a discussion he blurted out, “Is this a date?” I laughed out loud, not answering the question. “Maybe it’s a meet and greet.” I offered.

After a couple of hours he had to leave. He gathered his things and started to get up. I got up and positioned myself to give him a hug. “You’re not walking out?”

“Not yet.” I said. I was hungry and wanted to search for a place to eat. I think I threw him off. I think he was expecting to walk out with me. I hugged him and as I pulled away, I thought I detected a moment when maybe he wanted to kiss me. But we had not set the stage for that. There wasn’t enough flirting to end our 2-hour encounter that way.

I left feeling interested but a little lukewarm. I wanted to see him again, but he was, after all unavailable, as befits my pattern. He would be going back to Virginia in a few days.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog.
    Your stories are so much engaging and fun.
    I would love ur review on my posts if u hv the time
    Im working on my writing skills and a talented opinion would be great!❤️

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