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He Sent Me Flowers

December 11, 2016

Yesterday I woke up, paused my alarm and returned to a vivid dream I didn’t want to come back from.

Another snooze and I decided….nope…I wasn’t going to adult today. I needed to take a knee.

I wasn’t depressed or sick. I just needed a day to myself. So I called in sick.

When I got a good morning message from Mr. Canada, I confessed that I was playing hooky.

“Oh, you’re at home?” he said.

We talked throughout the day and I used my free time to get an oil change, wash some towels, vacuum my car and do a little clothes shopping.

We talked for a long time that night and I fell asleep with his voice in my head.

The next day I walked past my c0-workers and they got up from their desk as I walked by. I noticed that our boss had moved out of the office next door and back to her front office. I back tracked and said, “It’s a Christmas miracle.” They didn’t get it and they were following me.

“Why are you guys looking at me like that?” I asked.

I walked into my office and there was a small bouquet of flowers on my desk.

“Oooh flowers!” I squealed. It took my mind a second to come up with a reason they might be there.

Oh my God. He sent me flowers. 

I picked up the card and it said, “Ho Ho Ho Panties!     -Nigel”

I smiled. “He sent me flowers.” I said.

“Who is it?” the girls asked. “The Canada guy?”

“Yeah, the Canada guy.” I said.

I can’t believe he sent me flowers. I can’t remember the last time someone sent me flowers…..and not because I was pissed at them….because they just wanted to make me smile.

I messaged him.

“You sent me flowers.”

“Happy Wednesday,” he said.



He sent me flowers. 




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  1. Wow. Great Wednesday!

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