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Everything I Own is in my Car

March 4, 2017

Well, I did it.

Every possession I have is in my 2005 Honda Element, which is riding rather low.

My son says my gas milage will be cut in half, skewing my budget dangerously.

I hope the old box makes it to Portland.

I felt strange this morning, cleaning out my remaining belongings. I was excited, energized even then all of a sudden I would start to cry. I would never be in that space again. I was really doing it. I was leaving Lafayette. All the loose ends were being tied. In a week or less, I would be on the road.

First a visit to my cousin in Monroe, then to Dallas to the 6th Floor Museum. (I’m listening to an audio book by Abe Zupruder’s grand daughter about the film and its affect on their family.) Then on to Fort Worth to see some of Louis Kahn’s architecture and further down I-20 until I’m ready to call it a night. Then I’m going to the White Sands Proving Ground, up to the Grand Canyon, back down to Joshua Tree, up to the Hoover Dam, across Death Valley and onto the California Coast, not all in one day, of course. I figure the whole trip will take me 10-11 days.

But for now, I was sitting at the Compound, watching a Hepburn flick, my computer on the coffee table, a bottle of red blend rebelliously removed from the wine cooler, a stolen pack of Thin Mints at my side, waiting for Mr. Canada to call so we could catch up.

Tomorrow I might make it to Lake Martin. Sunday a bunch of us are going to Mansura. We’re going to boil crawfish! And then, Wednesday is my last Pamplona gathering. On Thursday or Friday, I’ll make that first leg of the trip.

And everything will change.



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