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Dispatch from East Van

May 23, 2017

I’m sitting on Mr. Canada’s bed. He’s making dinner. Shrimp on skewers and a mango salad. There’s fruit margaritas chilling in the fridge. His cat Pixie is splayed out on a chair. We’re watching season 1 of Sense 8 so we can watch the new one.

I drove in Thursday night and spent the day Friday cleaning his apartment. My way of nesting I guess. I got rid of a lot of cat hair. We spent most of the next day in bed, watching Home Movies and laughing and eating.

We went to Granville Isle and got oysters again. They were amazing.

I really like being here. I feel at home. Comfortable. I wish I could stay here. Life with Mr. Canada is easy. We have fun together. There’s no problems, no arguments or misunderstandings or tension. Well, of course he does piss me off time to time but so far, we always manage a way to get past it. Maybe I’m just learning to chill out.

When we walk through East Vancouver we like to pick out the condos and houses and apartments that we like, bickering over architectural styles. We walked up and down Commercial Drive and he took me to a great Italian deli we went to the last time I was here. They make the most amazing sandwiches. Our search for ice cream turned up empty so we stopped at a grocery store and got waffle cones and chocolate ice cream for later.

Lori is going to go into labor any minute now. I’ll be back in Newberg soon with my air mattress bed and garage office. I’ll have an 8 year old to entertain and a new baby to help with. And of course a job to find. And hopefully soon, my own place.

But for now….I’ve been informed that dinner and margaritas will be ready in 15 minutes. And the Sense 8 binge will continue.

I’m quite content.


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