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Portland is Rejecting Me

January 22, 2018

So, the results are in and this Portland experiment is a failure.

I’m almost finished a freelance project which will pay for February’s rent. I don’t have a way to pay March’s.

I’ve applied for all the jobs. My unemployment is out. The temp gigs are not cutting it.

It’s time to call it.

In lieu of torturing both Lori and myself, I’m taking Mr.  Canada up on his offer and moving in with him. I organized Lori’s garage yesterday so I can put my stuff in it. Sometime in February, Mr. C will come down and help me move all my stuff. (After the last move I made him promise that since he was officially my boyfriend he would help me move next time. I’m tired of moving by myself.) Then I’ll pack a couple of suitcases and probably take the train to Seattle where he will pick me up.

As far as the various governmental agencies are concerned, I’ll be living with Lori and visiting Canada often. I’ll have to come back periodically to refill my meds. I’m hoping every three months. And of course, I’ll miss The Baby like crazy. He’s so adorable. He is the cutest baby ever to live. And he’s almost crawling. I won’t be able to stay away for too long. And when I do come back, it will be for a week or a weekend and I’ll stay with Lori, so I’ll get lots of one on one time with all of them.

Mr. C got a second job and says that it doesn’t matter what I do with my time that he just wants to make me happy. He’s excited about having me with him every day. I am too.

But, of course, I’m terrified for a variety of reasons but I’ll get into that later.

So, all my research has proven to be true and this weird city does not have a place for me.

And while I of course feel like a total failure, I also regret nothing. Being with Lori those first months after The Baby was born and watching him grow and being able to shower him and The Kid with love and attention was totally worth it.

On to the next chapter.


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