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Vancouver Check In

March 16, 2018

So, it’s been about 11 days since I got here.

So far, I’m surprisingly relaxed. I didn’t expect it to be this easy. I feel more relaxed here than in the room in Portland. I think it’s something about sharing the house, especially sharing a kitchen that I was a bit uneasy about. And I knew that everyone in the house knew when I was home and not home. I loved that little room with its forest-like view but there was still something not quite comfortable about it.

But here, even though it’s not my apartment…it’s more private somehow. It has the anonymity of a real city. Nobody cares if I’m home or not, whether the tv is loud or not. It’s truly private. And I like that.


I took the train here instead of the bus and it was immensely better! I don’t think I’ll ever take the bus again. It was so roomy and the views were more interesting. The train station in Seattle is weird and beautiful. It’s all white.

My first full day here, I put away all my things, finding room here and there and making plans to rearrange stuff. Mr. C was using patio furniture as his dining table. I had noticed on previous visits that it took more room than was necessary in such a small space. Mr. C mentioned that he had a table top under his bed. Perhaps we could make legs for it out of 2x4s and make a new table. He had two bar height stools so we thought we could make it bistro-height.

“Can we look at it?” I asked. We pulled out the ikea top and noticed it had hardware for screw-in table legs.

“Well, we can just find the right ikea legs,” I suggested.

“You want to go to ikea?” he asked.

“Yes. Yes I do!”

We joked about our first couple’s trip to ikea, hoping we would survive it. It was very crowded and Mr. C kept getting distracted by kitchen stuff. But eventually we found the legs, bought them, got them home, screwed them in, raised them up to match the height of the stools and voila! (The height is still not quite right but I plan on putting my concrete experience from a product design class I took years ago into good use by making some custom table lifts.)

We put the patio furniture on the balcony and placed the table near the kitchen so it could function as a work space as well. And just like that the room opened up and was transformed.

That night Mr. C made saffron butter-infused lobster with pasta and thinly sliced carpaccio lobster, cured on the salt block I gave him for Christmas. We ate at the new table, now with my old mac desktop in one corner. Mr. C looked around. “You’ve been here one day and already the place looks better.”

“And I’m just getting started,” I warned.

“We do manage to live well, don’t we?” he asked.

“Yes we do,” I agreed.

The next day I tried to rearrange the furniture the way I had imagined it in my head, but he was right, there was no other place to put the bed. So, I settled for a good cleaning and wore myself out with moving furniture back and forth. I wanted to move the tv but it was too heavy. I’m glad I didn’t break it as I tried to leverage it up on a dresser.


So…… so far, so good. He seems genuinely happy that I’m here and expresses happiness each morning that we wake up together. And I feel perhaps more relaxed than I have in over a year, maybe more. I can’t work here, so there’s no pressure to get a job, though I may try to do some freelance work. Mr. C says he doesn’t care what I do. All he wants is to keep me happy. I started on another unidonk (I’m not sure I’ve explained what that is yet). I’m going to try to make about five of them and maybe set up an etsy store. I started walking again. I need to work on editing my blogs more. I might start a Vancouver blog. Maybe it’s time to let this one go. Is this the end of the story?

Probably not.


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